Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Mind Went A'Wandering

Published in The Alogonquin (Spring 1998, Volume 4, Number 1)

Across the space
                                                  you sit

spread kneed, jeans pulled tight
into vectored angles.
my eyes explore the denim and
my mind goes a'wandering
zippered paths whose teath
feel cold against mine.
                                                  Your tongue
forms questions and mine
responds in answeres innocent
                                                  We talk
of things past and present,
then you lean back
                                                  hands behind head
and my mind goes a'wandering
through a tangle of sheets, of hair
                                                  of limbs
sweat soaked, entwined.
Reality, rent
I return to tenses present
and from behind veiled eyes say